Let’s Play Basketball

by Shirley Lee & Angela Carrasquillo 

Let’s Play Basketball is a story about a group of animals from Africa, who developed strategies to use their individual talents to achieve the goal of being selected to be part of a big basketball game tournament in their city of Nambi. Read More…

Let’s Play Basketball is a wonderful book to teach children about teamwork,” said bestselling author J.J. Hebert, owner of Mindstir Media, the book’s publisher. “The vibrant illustrations and concise story are sure to attract the attention of young readers…”

Dr. Shirley Lee (Kyung Soon Lee)

Adjunct professor at Touro College Graduate School of Education in New York City.  Dr. Lee specializes in the teaching of bilingual and teaching English as a second language, especially in methods of teaching native language arts and teaching of English language learners in the content areas. Learn More..

Dr. Angela Carrasquillo

Distinguished Professor Emerita at Fordham University in New York City is currently an educational consultant for several educational institutions. She is nationally known in the area of second language and bilingual education and has published extensively in these areas.  Learn More…